About us


  • Darek Ogrodnik
    managing director

    “Every centimetre matters!” This is what he keeps telling the assembly workers.
    He is a perfectionist who never cuts corners and makes sure everything is flawless. Daily he sends several dozens of e-mails to clients and makes even more phone calls making arrangements so that everything goes according to the plan and we are prepared to face the unexpected. Several years of experience in the branch, over ten years in team management and a number of difficult but successful negotiations with clients is a guarantee that he is a person you can reach an agreement with.

  • Krzysiek Piekacz
    technical director

    Openly addicted to… designing, soldering and coming up with new solutions. He conjures up visions of synchronised shows which he then translates into the language of fire, black powder and… confetti. =)
    He’s worked on stage for over ten years, first as a technician, then as an artist and then as a pyrotechnist, which gave him huge technical experience and the skill of building up tension during shows. All of his shows end with a grand finale.
    Safety of the participants is always his top priority.

    1. Experience

      The company has been developing dynamically for the past several years, with hundreds of shows in venues varying in size from stadiums or arenas to hotels, restaurants and clubs.
      We organise from 8 to 30 shows a month throughout whole Poland, sometimes wit up to 5 taking place simultaneously!
      With largest equipment resources in the country, we can adjust the effects and their number to the director’s idea for the show and the script, not the other way round.
      We also have vast experience in cooperating with foreign teams.
      We continuously develop, test new solutions, improve our established standards and keep raising the bar.


      • Individual approach

        We value every single client. We organise simple shows and offer unique solutions for more demanding clients.

      • Safety

        Safety first. We use dedicated safety equipment and additional technicians responsible for monitoring effects.

      • Effects adjusted to the location

        We will make sure your show is really special. We will adjust effects to the venue, i.e. to the height, surface and dimensions of the stage.

      • Effects adjusted to the event scenario

        Our resources allow us to adjust equipment to the plan of the event, not the other way round. Tell us what you want to do and we will tell you how.

      • Experience and professional approach

        Our technicians handled many shows. We use reliable communication and cooperation methods which streamline organisation of events.

      • Best equipment and raw materials

        During shows, we use fool-proof and certified equipment and highest quality consumables.

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