In terms of balloons, sky is the limit!

We inflate, distribute and release them into the air, hang, glue them together, arrange, decorate and throw them… we can even fill an entire room with them. We’ve done it all.

We offer rubber balloons in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes (classic or elongated), you can also add text or graphic design. We can inflate the balloons with air or helium, attach a stick or a ribbon to them. Quantity is not an issue for us.

The increasingly popular foil balloons (silver and gold) are also on offer. You can choose from a number of shapes and sizes. Round mirror balloons are the most popular. We can easily place a sticker with the client’s logotype on it.

Balloons in the shape of letters and numbers are also an interesting solution. They can be arranged to spell the client’s name, a person’s name or any other word or phrase.