CO2 Jets

dysze co2A column of white vapour which appears within a fraction of a second and reaches a height of 5 to 15 meters is a very dynamic effect.

White thick vapour disappears immediately after stopping the projection without leaving any trace or smell.

Ice fountains perfectly absorb the colour of the surrounding lighting, which is why we can generate vapour of any colour after nightfall.

We have the highest number of CO2 jets on the market, which is as many as 50. Our experience is the sum total of hundreds of events we organised and all the unique solutions we developed and it allows us to select the right effects to fit the plan and venue.

There are the following types of nozzles:

  • silent, up to 5 m, application: conference halls, TV studios, clubs,
  • loud, up to 8 m, application: arenas, concerts, stadiums,
  • loud, from 10 to 15 m, application: arenas, stadiums.

Ice fountains are suitable for all locations and staff responsible for safety will not have anything against because:

  • the safety zone for these devices is only 1 m,
  • you can put your hand into the fountain or pass through it, e.g. when it forms a curtain,
  • the vapour is cold, it will not cause a fire or trigger most fire detection devices,
  • the medium generating the vapour extinguishes fire.

Ice fountains during events we organised: