Stage pyro

Pirotechnika scenicznaA dedicated branch of pyrotechnics for stage applications in close proximity to participants of an event. Spark fountains reaching from 2 to 10 meters constitute the core element.

In larger venues we also use colourful mines and comets reaching a height from 5 to 50 meters. Stage pyrotechnics offers countless setting and arrangement options which – in combination with electronic launch control system – give immense possibilities of creating unique shows perfectly synchronised with music.

Spark fountains are often used during awards gala ceremonies; when the winner is invited onto the stage we simultaneously launch e.g. four spark fountains located at the back of the stage.

Spark fountains may also accompany a confetti show because metallized confetti beautifully shines in the glow.
Spark fountains generate huge amounts of tiny, cold sparks.

Small amounts of smoke from combustion of the charge are not dangerous for people.

Safety zone is 1-2 m for spark fountains and 3-5 m for mines and comets.

Videos from events with stage pyrotechnics: