Low smoke

lsgWe have highly efficient professional devices for generating low smoke which hovers at about 30 cm above the ground in the form of a thick white cloud.

The smoke does not go up and does not make the room foggy. It disappears completely when heated.

Thanks to high efficiency of our devices, we are able to produce the desired effect even with movement of the air and slight draught, which would completely exclude operation of the majority of devices available on the market. The devices are designed for continuous use and intensity of operation is fully regulated. For instance, at the beginning we can create thick clouds of smoke and then only maintain the effect or slowly spread the smoke all over the stage.

We often create the low smoke effect to accompany artistic performances, making sure that the smoke is not overwhelming and does not obscure the artists. Low smoke is a medium creative dancers can use e.g. blowing the smoke apart and lifting up white strokes of smoke while dancing.